One-on-one with Board Trustee Deanna Wright & her optimism for CCSD

LAS VEGAS - As the school year winds down, the work of the Board of Trustees at the Clark County School District will start to ramp up.

There are endless details involved with the legislature, funding and the reorganization of CCSD.  At the center of it all is the president of the board Deanna Wright.

"There are phenomenal things going on at the ground level," Wright said. "Schools do work."

Wright is a nine-year veteran trustee who's CCSD's greatest advocate.

"Oh yeah, our graduation rate has improved and improved up and up and up," she said.

However, she's also grounded; a realist who understands the challenges.

"We have a generation coming up that is really not interested in being corporate America, Wright said.  "They want to be entrepreneurs, they want to work for themselves, they want to have flex time so they can be with families."

Wright bristles when there's any mention of the issues CCSD has had recently with sexual misconduct amongst school employees and students.  According to Wright, it's a growing challenge, but she says the incidents make up an extremely small number of the total staff population.

"You know one kid is too many," Wright said.  "It’s not acceptable in any possibility of our realm. It’s not acceptable to have any kind of inappropriate interaction whether it’s just verbal, whether it’s you know video or whatever pictures, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter it’s inappropriate."

Despite the incidents and struggles within the district, Wright remains positive about CCSD, and it's current superintendent, Pat Skorkowski.  Skorkowski's the third superintendent she's served with.

"I think he’s the right person at the right time to move us forward, and I support him 100 percent," Wright said.  "I have every confidence in him. I think part of what we as a board need to do is to let him do his job, and not micromanage."

Wright is also optimistic about the elephant in the room, sort of speak: The reorganizing of the school district:

"You know I think overall it’s going really well," she said.  "I think parents, teachers, community members, support staff that is on the school organizational teams, are taking their jobs very seriously."

Above all, trustee Wright wants parents to be involved.

"Are we always going to agree? No. Are we you know going to be able to fix everything when people have issues? No. But you know what? Where most of us have been parents of kids in the district -- for our parents of kids in the district -- we really want what’s best, so reach out," Wright said.  "You know were not always going to agree, were not always going to be able to fix whatever your problem is, but you’re going to find a group of caring individuals."



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