ONLY ON 8: Man searches for owner's family after finding ceremonial flag

LAS VEGAS - An Amazon delivery driver is on a mission after finding a flag in a trash can.  The American flag was found was in a shadowbox when it was discarded.

Dan Harvey says it's his moral obligation to help get the flag back to its rightful owners.

"It's just a great symbol of our country and our freedom," Harvey said.

The American flag is a symbol of liberty, and when a service member has retired or passed away, it's a symbol of honor and gratitude.

"It's an honor to the person that it was dedicated to," Harvey said.

Harvey, who comes from a military family, was out and about delivering packages in North Las Vegas when he stumbled upon the flag.

"I see there's a pile of stuff out here," Harvey said as he showed us where he found the flag.  "And on top of here, it looked like a flag." 

"It says grandad: For Colonel Stephens -- October 2014 -- McComb, Mississippi." 

Now, Harvey's only goal is to find the rightful owners of Colonel Stephens' ceremonial flag.

Harvey says he's already done some research on the internet, which led him to an obituary that matches the information on the flag.

"It said he was a retired Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Air Force," Harvey said.  "He served in World War II, and he served in Korea."

"He put his life on the line for our country, and he was honored for it the way it should be," Harvey said.

Harvey says he'd expect others to do the same for his family.
And even though they've never met, he's honored to provide the colonel's flag with a place to call home.

"We will be happy to keep him here as an honorary family member," said Harvey.  "Yes, we will be very happy to hang onto it."

Even though Dan is happy to give Colonel Stephens' flag a new home, what he truly wants is to reunite it with Stephens' family who appears to be based in Alabama. 

If you or anyone you know knows anything about Colonel Stephens' family, please reach out to Darlene Melendez via email or social media.


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