Pence offers prayers, pep talk at Nellis Air Force Base

LAS VEGAS - Vice President Mike Pence wrapped up a trip to Nevada with a speech to service members at Nellis Air Force Base Thursday.

In comments Thursday from a podium outside a hangar for the Air Force Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team, Pence offered prayers to service members and told more than 1,000 camouflage-clad troops that President Donald Trump "has your back."\

Pence drew applause when he said that under Trump, the era of armed forces budget cuts is over.

He says America now more than ever needs military excellence, expertise and dedication.

Pence also told service members that they may be called upon to defend the United States.

"You the brave men and women of Nellis Air Force Base may yet be called into service," Vice President Pence said. "You are the instruments of the American people, so on behalf of your Commander in Chief, I admonish you. Be ready. Mind your mission. Fake care of one another. Train as never before. The American people are counting on you.” 

Pence earlier visited a newly opened Air Force testing, tactics and training development program near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

He also offered words of support for two Nevada Republicans running for office this year.

U.S. Sen. Dean Heller is expected to face a tough re-election campaign, and state Attorney General Adam Laxalt is running for governor.

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