Police and therapist sharing the same message

"If you see something, say something."

Published 09/25 2016 01:03AM

Updated 09/25 2016 01:03AM

A valley family therapist is offering some advise on how to break the silence when it comes to domestic abuse.

Early Saturday morning a woman was killed following an apparent domestic violence attack in Henderson. 8NewsNow spoke with neighbors who said they knew the victim was a battered woman and wished they would've spoken out.

Dr. Karen Lee with Exodus Family and Guidance Services says two things usually keep people in silence when it comes to domestic violence; fear nothing will change or possible retaliation. 

She says while many outsiders feel it's not there place to say anything, "We have to get back into the mindset of, it's a community and we are responsible for one another. And so, if you hear of something that is abnormal, you have a responsibility to say something." 

Dr. Lee adds To first report to police and connect them with a local organization like SafeNest which helps provide counseling, shelter and also escape plans. You can reach them at 702-877-0133.


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