Police seeing increase in cases where hard drugs are linked to violent crimes

By Mauricio Marin | mmarin@8newsnow.com

Published 05/30 2015 01:02AM

Updated 05/30 2015 01:11AM

It's been just over two years since Arturo Martinez lost his wife and daughter.  He tries hard not to relive the brutal attack, but the memories haunt him.

Yadira Martinez and Karla were raped and killed in their home in 2012 by Bryan Clay, according to Metro Police. 

Metro said Clay admitted to investigators that he had been drinking and took several drugs before the deadly attack.

"I do believe drugs pushed him to do what he did with my family," Martinez said.

Police and experts say they continue to see cases where hard drugs are linked to violent crimes.  Solutions Recovery President David Marlon helps people get off drugs.  He says substances like meth change people drastically.   

"They're dehydrated, their sleep deprived, this makes meth users more dangerous than other drug users," Marlon said.
In another recent case, 33-year old Sean Paul Cordeiro admitted to being high on meth when he allegedly stabbed and killed Christopher Matley last year.

Marlon says meth is highly addictive and makes people desperate for more.

"The way most people who have been using meth for some time get more is by selling it or committing crimes to get money to be able to support their habit," said Marlon.

In the meantime, Martinez says he's working hard to make sure Clay doesn't hurt anyone else again.

"I don't want to see him walking on the streets because he's a danger for everyone out there," Martinez said.

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