Police urge parents to keep kids busy, out of trouble over summer break

LAS VEGAS - As the temperatures climb, so does the crime, according to law enforcement officers.  Police often attributes the spike in crime to summer break when students are out of school.

Bishop Gorman students Christopher Goode and Lauren Buchanan have a packed summer break ahead of them.

"I'm going to do summer school here on theology for two weeks," Lauren said.

The teens said enjoying the downtime is definitely a part of their plan, but getting in trouble isn't.

"There's always something else to do, so even though you're bored watching tv, there's always something else I can do," Christopher said.

Law enforcement officers believe children are more likely to get into trouble when they don't have classes, activities keeping them distracted or anything else to do.

"I try to do the right thing if I come into any situation where I'm choosing good or bad or anything," said Lauren.

According to the Clark County School District Police say staying busy during summer break is key.

"When they're busy they tend to stay more in line with behaviors that we want, and if they have too much idle time then they might be doing things, behaviors that we wouldn't like to see modeled," CCSD Police Officer Robert Mayes said.

Officer Mayer said it's important for parents to keep tabs on their kid's whereabouts.

"Not only where they're going, but who they're gonna be with," Mayer said.  "Check up on them and ensure that the kids are giving you the right information.  If you keep them on their toes, they're going to tend to be giving you more truthful information."

Police departments across the valley typically see property crime go up, including car break-ins and burglaries during the summer months.

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