Poll shows Clinton and Trump are unfavorable

By Shakala Alvaranga , Neb Solomon

Published 07/28 2016 10:56PM

Updated 07/28 2016 10:56PM

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Political divisions in the country are about as fierce as they have ever been. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Democrats and Republicans have fired shots at one another. There is something, however, many voters agree on: They don't like either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

A recent Gallup poll shows Clinton and Trump each hold a 58 percent unfavorable rating.

"He's a Fascist and a scam artist, pretty straight forward," voter Julie Heusinkveld said about Trump.

"Even though I may not trust him fully, I trust Hillary less,” voter Christian Woodward said.

"I think she probably had to play the game, probably, for her entire life to get ahead as a woman, and now she doesn't know how to be authentic," said Heusinkveld.

According to one poll, the fictional villain from the Harry Potter movies and books, Lord Voldemort, has a higher approval rating than Clinton or Trump.

"Hillary Clinton also has that like older, like creepy wizard look,” Woodward said.

Despite their negative opinions about the Democratic and Republican nominees, many of the people 8 News NOW spoke with say they did not vote in the primaries.

"The candidates I don't know. I thought it was just ridiculous," Jeremy Cuveas said.

Some say they think the political system is rigged.

"I'm not a big fan of the two-party system. So, no matter who it is, I think that they probably have interests that aren't mine,” Heusinkveld said.

When asked whom he is voting for, Lawrence Foster said he is voting for Clinton because of her husband: Former President Bill Clinton.

“Only because of Bill. If Bill wasn't there, I wouldn't be voting for her,” he said.

Woodward, meanwhile, has a message for voters choosing between Clinton and Trump this November.

“They are both kind of terrible. So, good luck picking the best one,” he said.

In three months, Las Vegas will take center stage for the final presidential debate between Trump and Clinton. That debate will take place at UNLV.

Third party candidates, such as Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein, could make the debate stage if they can garner 15 percent support in the polls.

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