Prominent immigration reform advocates in Nev. speak at DNC

By Patrick Walker

Published 07/25 2016 10:01PM

Updated 07/25 2016 10:20PM

Two prominent Nevadans were a part of the opening day lineup for the Democratic National Convention.

Immigration activists Astrid Silva and Karla Ortiz were two of five Nevadans expected to speak at the convention in Philadelphia this week.

Karla is an 11-year-old U.S. citizen who lives with her parents who are undocumented.  Karla says she worries her parents will be deported any day now.

Silva is an undocumented citizen who rose to prominence after President Barack Obama told her story to the country in November of 2014.  Silva has become an outspoken advocated for immigration reform.

Both, Silva and Karla have gone from essentially living in the shadows with their families to speaking in the national spotlight.  Politics Now Anchor Patrick Walker spoke with Silva and little Karla ahead of their speeches at the DNC.

"One of the things that I've been fighting for is for my family to stop being afraid of deportation, so that's going to be the most important thing that I touch on," Silva said



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