Red Cross Everyday Heroes: Lt. Morrison & Sgt. Synder

Published 10/24 2016 12:52PM

Updated 10/24 2016 12:52PM

If pulling someone from a burning vehicle is an ultimate test of bravery, then two North Las Vegas police officers pass with flying colors.

On Sept. 7, 2015, Sgt. Travis Snyder and Lt. Jill Morrison were responding to a terrible crash at the corner of Allen and Alexander.

What they did shortly after arriving on scene amazed onlookers and made their co-workers proud. It was one of those accident scenes that make a person wonder how anyone survived. It was a multi-vehicle crash on a 100 degree day. 

Without hesitation, two of North Las Vegas' finest went to work.

"I started beating on the window asking if the driver was okay, and you could tell he was in a daze from the accident," said Sgt. Travis Snyder, North Las Vegas Police.

Smoke was filing the passenger compartment.

"It's when I noticed the flames begin to roll out of the front wheel wells of the truck I could feel the heat coming off," said Sgt. Snyder.

When the door wouldn't open, Lt. Jill Morrison squeezed in through the passenger side, unbuckled the driver's seat belt and struggled to pull him out.

"She was able to climb over the top of him and grabbed his belt and began to drag him out of the vehicle," Sgt. Synder said.

"I grabbed ahold of him and Lt. Morrison and I were able to drag him away from the burning truck."

The man survived.

The two officers insist, "it was all in a days work" and everyone on the force would have done the same thing.

But Lt. Morrison did have doubts she would walk away from that crash scene.

"Holy cow, I've been on the force for 20 years, and I'm gonna die in the fire, of all things a fire? I've seen gunshots go over my head, and I thought man, a fire, this is not what I had planned."

Even so, both wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

And that's why Sgt. Ttravis Snyder and Lt Jill Morrison are Red Cross Everyday Heroes.

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