Report details child abuse allegations against Jason Quate

LAS VEGAS - Jason Quate, the man accused of sex trafficking his wife and hiding the death of his daughter, told police he used an extension cord to whip one of his children, according to his arrest report for child abuse.

Quate is in jail in Las Vegas and facing additional charges. He was arrested after his wife, Elizabeth O'Dell-Quate called police to tell them Jason had murdered their 6-year-old and hid her body in a garage in Illinois. She gave police the address and the body was found last week.

Quate told police the girl had food in her mouth when he hit her and she choked to death.

Two older children were removed from the Quate's apartment in Las Vegas. Police said, there were signs the girls had been abused and neglected.

According to the arrest report for Quate, the girl's mother told police, she would sometimes find one of the girls -- wearing no pants -- in bed with Quate.

During a forensic interview, one of the children said she would go to her father's bed to cuddle when she had nightmares. She also said, that she did not know her mother even though her mother lived with the family, the report said.

The other child did mention the woman in the home, but did not know the name of the person. She described that person as mean and said she was there in the day but gone at night.

The mother told police, in an earlier interview, that Quate had not allowed her to talk to the children for the past three years and Quate forced her into prostitution to support the family.

Both children told the interviewer, they had been told by their father, they were his favorite child, according to the report.

During a physical exam, the report noted the girls were pale, had multiple scars over multiple body parts and were not attending school. One child had difficulty walking and was missing a patch of hair. There was also physical evidence one child was allegedly sexually abused.

According to the report, Quate admitted to police he had problems controlling his anger. He said, he whipped one child with an extension cord for cussing. He said, there were other whippings with an extension cord, but they were not done by him. The report blacks out the name of who allegedly did the whippings.

Quate denied any inappropriate sexual touching or abuse.

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