Report: Father told teens to 'keep going' in girl's sexual assault

LAS VEGAS - Two men are now facing charges in the sexual assault of a 14-year-old special education student from Del Sol Academy.

Leby Gomez, 39, is charged with sexual assault against a child less than 16, coercion with force, and conspiracy to commit sexual assault. 

He also allegedly encouraged several teen boys, including at least one of his sons, to sexually assault the girl last November while she was at Gomez's home.

Jose Mejia-Henriquez, 18, has also been arrested and is charged with sexual assault against a child less than 16, kidnapping of a minor, coercion with force, conspiracy to commit sexual assault, and using a minor to produce pornography.

According to the arrest report, a teacher noticed the girl, who has the mental capacity of a 7 or 8-year-old child, extremely upset and crying at school in December. The girl told the teacher a video was being passed around showing her naked with some male students. The girl became aware of it when a classmate mentioned the video. 

The girl told police she was taken to a home near the school three times in November by a group of teen boys. While she was at the home, she was repeatedly sexually assaulted. She was told she would not get a ride home if she didn't cooperate, the report said.

She told police, all of the boys took turns having sex with her, including Leby Gomez. She said, "it made her feel, 'just scared,'" the report said.

The girl told police she said, "No, no, no and stop, stop."

She said when the father first entered the room, "He told the boys to 'keep going.'"

Police viewed the videos and used them to help identify the teens and the sexual acts committed. 



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