Report: Man arrested for sex trafficking juveniles also had daughter working for him

By Nikki Bowers |, Nia Wong |

Published 08/25 2016 04:32PM

Updated 08/25 2016 11:22PM

A 63-year-old Las Vegas man arrested for sex trafficking juveniles also had his adult daughter working for him, according to an arrest report released Thursday.

Metro Police said David Coil lured teenage juveniles to commit acts of prostitution through postings on Craigslist.

According to the report, on Aug. 6, officers were first notified of Coil’s alleged activity when a Las Vegas high school teacher contacted them about a former student who reached out to him for help.

The teacher told police he believed his student was the victim of sex trafficking.  The teen told officers during Oct. 2015, she was looking for a job on Craigslist when she found an advertisement for what she said was “petite young girls.”

According to the teen, the ad said the girls could make 1,500 a day, but “no sex” would be involved.  The teen, who’s not being named to protect her identity said she made contact with Coil. 

The report said the teen told Coil she was 16 years old before she even met with him at a restaurant near his home.  Coil then drove the teen to his home and served her alcohol, the report said.

The teen became intoxicated, and Coil told her that the job would require her to work at his home giving "body rubs," according to report.  Police said the teen also told them that Coil told her that he had several girls that worked at his home, along with a clientele of men who would come to his house for “body rubs.”  

Coil told the teen if she wanted to, she was allowed to perform masturbation, oral sex and grinding on the clients during the "body rubs."  However, the girls were not allowed to have intercourse with the men, the report said.

The teen also said Coil had a rule that the girls had to get naked as soon as they arrived at his home and remain naked until they left.  The also had to show him the money they made, but the teen said Coil never took any of the money.

The teen told police she worked four nights a week.  She did this job from Oct. 2015- Aug. 2016.  The teen said her and the other females who worked at Coil’s home referred to it as the “naked house.”

According to the report, Coil’s own adult daughter who worked at the home was also required to be naked.  The report said, for the most part, Coil stayed away from the area when male clients were there unless they had a fetish that required his service as well.

The teen told officers, Coil actively tried to recruit younger girls to work at his home and perform “body rubs.”

On Aug. 8, officers showed a photo line-up of Coil to the teen, and she identified him. 

The report said on May 27, 2016, another woman called Metro Police to report Coil’s Craigslist ad that was looking for “cute, sexy, sassy, petite girls ages 15-19.”  She told officer after messaging with Coil she believed his ad was related to “human trafficking."

On Aug. 23, a sting was set up, and Coil met with a "teen" who turned out to be an undercover detective at a restaurant, and that's when the 63-year-old was busted. 

Coil was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

He faces multiple charges:

•    Sex trafficking of a child under 18
•    Solicit/Engage in child prostitution (4 counts)
•    Attempted sex trafficking of a child

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