Residents: Flash flooding resembled rushing river

LAS VEGAS - The flash floods in the northwest sent a wave of water through several neighborhoods.  In one neighborhood east of U.S. 95 right off Durango Road, residents described the flood waters rushing rivers.

"It was basically deep water horizon, the mini version," said Devon Eygenhuysen-Swierk.

Devon, 9-year-old, has quite the summer story to tell his classmates when he goes into the fourth grade this fall.

"The street, it looked like chaos, Devon said. "Water was all over it. It was drenching cars."

Devon's mom live streamed this video of what neighbors have dubbed the "Shady Pines River."

"My step dad put his; his sandal touched the water, and it almost swept him away," Devon said. "It's chaos.
Katie Boer, 8 News NOW: "Thats crazy!"
Devon: "Yea. I know."

Up the street, Shannon Sloan said her son saw the same thing.

"He said there's a river coming down the road, and when I saw the video, it was a river," Sloan said.

Her son shot video of the "river" flowing down their street before calling his bosses to tell them that he was stranded and would be late to work.

"He couldnt even back his car out because he was afraid of what would have happened," Sloan said.

"The water pressure was basically going over the car, and you know cars are like 3,000 pounds," Devon said.

"The car next door here was actually pushed into another car," Sloan said.

"It backed a car into the next one, which was sitting behind it, so they hit," said Devon.

Brick pavers and cement utility panels in the area were recovered after they were found down the street.

The water depreciated as the day continued, but the debris line in some areas could be seen 10-feet from the start of the sidewalk.

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