Residents of Silverstone Golf Course granted property tax break

By Karen Castro |

Published 02/08 2016 08:38PM

Updated 02/08 2016 08:38PM

There was a small victory Monday for some property owners in a golf course community.  The Silverstone Golf Course in the northwest valley closed last September after it was sold.

After the golf course, closed homeowners in the area appealed their property taxes with Clark County because they claimed the closure of the course last September affected their property value.

"It's affecting all of us," said Hobie Hellerstein, resident.

On Monday, the county board ruled that property owners whose lot backs up to the golf course will receive a tax break on their 2016 property taxes. 

The ruling comes while the golf course is under new ownership for the second time.  The board gave homeowners with a lot 25 percent off of their property taxes.  The tax break is good for one year.

But, everyone else in the community is out of luck.

"People purchase those lots whether they're on the golf course or off the golf course because it was a golf course community," said Amee Cannon, resident.

Cannon says the number of sales has plummeted, so homeowners looking to sell their homes have had to drop their prices.

The City of Las Vegas has decided to help out with this battle.  Councilman Steve Ross even visited the community.

"Taking a look at the drainage issues that once occurred, obviously the care of the golf course is being cared for it's being watered, maintained," Ross said.

Desert Lifestyles purchased the property in September, shutting down the Silverstone Golf Course, and refusing to keep up with the landscape.  However, a federal judge ordered the California-based company to water the vegetation and clear out the brush.  Months later the golf course was sold once again.

"All we know is that it's a California LLC that purchased the property, said Melanie Hill, resident.  "They assumed the note that was on the property and two days later they filed for bankruptcy."

Pending the outcome in bankruptcy court, the future of the golf course remains uncertain for now.   A new hearing has been scheduled for March.

"I just don't think that they're taking the big picture into consideration," said Hellerstein.    

Residents who did not get a tax break plan to appeal the board's decision with the state.  

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