Ringing in the New Year with new laws

Several new laws went into effect on Sunday, January 1st concerning cannabis, mopeds, and guns.

Recreation use and possession of pot is now legal for adults 21 years and older.  While marijuana is now legal in Nevada, it could be a while before stores are allowed to sell it legally.

The Nevada Department of Taxation has a year to come up with regulations. Temporary regulations could be in place as early as this summer.

Also, moped owners must now register their mopeds with the DMV and pay a one-time fee. The hope is to prevent scooter thefts.

Registration will cost about $60. It also includes fees and taxes.

While Nevada's new gun control law passed in November, the ability to enforce the law is in question.

The law requires a background check for private firearm sales. People who want to sell guns to a private party would need to go to a local gun store to run a background check to complete the purchase.

The Nevada Attorney General's Office says the state referendum conflicts with federal law and the Department of Public Safety will not conduct the background checks. 

Lawmakers or the court system will have to address the competing regulations.

Other issues that need to be addressed include setting a "reasonable fees" for the cost of background checks. Sales tax would also need to be collected for those private sales.

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