Seniors beaten, robbed in home near Flamingo and Lindell

LAS VEGAS - A crime that was targeted and surgical left an elderly couple beaten and confused, Metro Police said.

Metro says crooks broke into an east valley home early Wednesday morning and stole several valuables, including a Tesla.

The robbery happened around 2 a.m. near Flamingo and Lindell. The couple injured, who has yet to be identified, did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

One of the couple's children told 8 News NOW the  thieves were clearly after the couple's "technology."

There was a second Tesla, that wasn't stolen still in front of the home when police arrived Wednesday morning.

According to the couple's daughter, a number of Apple products, computers, iPhones and iPads were also stolen.

There wasn't anything else taken.

The Tesla's, which plate read "AppleFan," was found abandoned in North Las Vegas.  

Tesla technology may have helped in the recovery of the vehicle.  The cars are equipped with GPS tracking devices that transmit to a mobile phone. 

The car is basically a computer on wheels with wireless internet telling the owner where the car is at all times. Also, with a range of about 240 miles, the thieves had to know they couldn't go too far without finding a charging station. 

It's actually pretty rare that Tesla's are stolen because of the technology, but it's likely these thieves took the key fob when they stole it.    

As for the suspects, metro tells us they don't have a good description to go on, but the agency believes they are three men who were wearing hoodies and carrying knives.

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