Sibling set of two sisters, one brother would paint their way into your heart

By Dave Courvoisier |

Published 11/25 2015 09:41PM

Updated 11/25 2015 09:41PM

As Christmas wishes pile up this holiday season, no one gift would keep on giving more than a forever family.  Dave Courvoisier introduces us to a sibling set of three that would bring smiles to any deserving family.

Art Classes for Kids invited us in for some fun with painting, and these three took right to the task.

Karizma is 7, and as the oldest, she's taken on more than she should have to in watching out for her siblings.

“You'll notice she talks for her siblings too, sometimes. She'll talk on their behalf because she's kind of taken over that mommy bird situation there,” says Cally, the siblings’ case worker.

Kaprika, younger by a year is aware of everything around her, but a little more quiet than Karizma.

“But she is more cautious and reserved, and than Karizma is the outgoing bubbly one,” adds  Cally.

Jaylon -- their younger brother at age 4 -- tags along with his sisters, but definitely has his own mind.

“I have to say he's probably the more independent one. He likes to draw. Loves to draw. He's very artistic and he's very into music. Whenever I'm over we always play music… that is a must!” remarks Cally.

These three are very close, and need to be adopted together.

“Very bonded together. All they have is each other. They are their family. So, they are bonded, it's awesome, it's fantastic to see,” says Cally.

These three would fit into any loving family.

“I think a two-parent might be best because there are three of them so you have that three onto type of scenario instead of one on three, but were really open to any kind of family type at this point. “A loving home that's going to be consistent with them and sit down do homework every night and really focus on education,” adds Cally.

D.F.S. expects these three will be free for adoption very soon, which is why they're starting to look for adoptive parents now.  Just call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now to get things rolling.  The number is 702-436-6335.

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