Somerset Academy North Las Vegas reopens following norovirus outbreak

LAS VEGAS - Somerset Academy North Las Vegas reopened Monday after the school canceled classes for Thursday and Friday of last week due to a norovirus outbreak.  However, on Friday, Imagine Schools at Mountain View sent a letter home to parents stating the school would also be closed for the same bug.

The school located at Grand Montecito Parkway near Durango and the 215 was closed Monday, and it will reopen on Wednesday.   The principal says the students will not have to make up for lost time because their academic year is already longer than what is required.
A disinfection process to remove all traces of the stomach bug took place Monday, but the Southern Nevada Health District says it's continuing to investigate how the breakout started in the first place. School buses were also cleaned.

8 News NOW has learned that both Imagine Schools at Mountain View and Somerset Academy North Las Vegas receive student meals from the Three Square Food Bank.  But, the principal at one of the charter schools says the school has been in touch with Three Square, and they do not believe the agency is the source of the outbreak.

The Health District also does not believe there's a connection between the outbreaks at both charter schools.

"We just want to make sure that when our students return that we're reinforcing with them the importance of thoroughly washing their hands, not sharing food, not sharing other items in the classroom with your classmates and just making sure that everybody comes to school healthy, so that if there are kids who are sick they're not spreading germs," said Dr. Eve Breier, principal, Imagine Schools at Mountain View.

The Health Department confirmed that it was indeed the norovirus that affected students at Somerset Academy North Las Vegas.  The principal says she's  unaware of whether or not any of the students are still sick with the stomach bug.
Students at Somerset Academy North Las Vegas will have to make up for lost time in the classroom.  The principal says she will make an announcement by the end of this week.



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