Special session may have to be called to discuss stadium funding

By Patrick Walker

Published 08/29 2016 08:42PM

Updated 08/29 2016 08:42PM

The tourism infrastructure committee is just one hurdle for proponents of the stadium to clear.

An empty lot west of I-15 is the preferred site of the new home field for the Oakland |Raiders.  Well, that is if backers of the proposed new stadium get their way.

However, for that to happen, Governor Brian Sandoval will have to convene a special session.  At the special session, lawmakers will likely see bills that will address funding for the stadium and ancillary improvements.

"In this case, there's an issue about transportation, and there's also an issue about security, said Robert Lang, director of Brookings Mountain West.  "Those are the two big pieces that you need to address as you get a stadium."

Economist and Lang say those concerns would likely be cut out of the main bill that would fund the public's portion of the stadium.  According to Lang, the 0.88 percent tourism tax increase would go solely toward the stadium which would be enough to secure financing.

"You could bond off that, so you have a steady revenue stream, Lang said.  "It's pretty reliable because there's going to be a pretty high level of tourism in Las Vegas.  In fact, that's the most lucrative single tourism district in the United States."

Governor Sandoval expressed how infrastructure improvement needs to be a part of the conversation moving forward. 
So what about security during games?

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo says while stadium management would pay for off-duty officers to come in, it's still a high-profile facility.

"It's how to protect it and provide that blanket of security, so that's got to be in the discussion, along with the formula and the costs associated with providing that public safety," Lombardo said.



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