Stephen Paddock's brother, Eric, shows up to court hearing about estate

LAS VEGAS - Lawyers representing victims of the 1 October shooting were in court Friday in an effort to start sorting out the estate of the shooter, Stephen Paddock who's worth millions.  But during the hearing that lasted all of five or 10 minutes, there was an unexpected attendee.

Eric Paddock didn't have a lot to say.

"Please help us understand why you're here," Reporter John Langeler asked Eric Paddock, Stephen Paddock's brother. 

However, Eric didn't have a lot to say.

Reporter John Langeler: "What brings you here today?"  
Eric Paddock: "I'm here to support Mr. Cahill."  
Reporter John Langeler: "Mr. Cahill?"  
Eric Paddock: "The administrator.  If he has anything... Who are you?"  
Reporter John Langeler: "I'm John Langeler with Channel 8.  I sat next to you in court."  
Eric Paddock: "Oh, I don't want to talk to you then." 

John Cahill is the elected county Public Administrator who handles the affairs of the dead when no one else will.  Cahill already said he is recusing himself from the case.    

He says he has no idea why Eric Paddock was in court, adding the last time he spoke with him, Eric said he was never coming back to Las Vegas, Cahill said Eric also said didn't want anything to do with his brother's estate. Which he confirmed once again, but this time to Langeler outside of the courtroom Friday.

Reporter John Langeler: "Do you want to be the administrator of the estate?"  
Eric Paddock: "Not at all." 

Friday's hearing dealt with Stephen Paddock, his money and how it should be handled.  Paddock's estate is worth around $5 million.

The rest of Stephen Paddock's family also said they want his estate to be settled among the victims. However, it's up to the victims to make claims for damages to the court.

Lawyers for the victims of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history agreed to move the case from Probate Court to District Court.  It's an important technicality that moves the process forward.

The matter will be back in court on Dec. 7th.  That's when an expected independent third party will start to handle the estate of Stephen Paddock. 

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