Students from school bus crash recovering slowly

LAS VEGAS - Several children who were aboard a school bus during an accident with a car Thursday spent their second day in the hospital recovering Friday.

The grand-daughter of the 70-year-old woman who crashed into the bus is among the children getting treatment at UMC.
However, the child's grandmother was killed in the wreck at that happened at the corner of Nellis and Carey.

ON Friday, officials with the Clark County School District officials updated the media informing everyone that there were actually 40 students on the bus when it was hit and flipped over on its side.  And out of those children, 14 were injured.  The bus driver Dawn Rice was also hurt.
Some of the children were bruised, while others had to get stitches for deeper cuts.

"When it hit the curb I was like, I got up, it bounced me up, and we tipped over, and I hit my head," said T'Ondre Jones, who was on the bus at the time it crashed.

The 14-year-old also hit his eye in the crash.  Right now, it's swollen shut.  T'Ondre said he was riding the bus with his younger brother and sister.  He says he is glad his siblings weren't hurt too badly.

T'Ondre also had to get stitches after the force from the impact of the crash caused a tooth to tear through his skin.
T'Ondre says he's in pain, but he's also in good spirits.  He says's he's just ready to go to back to school.

When asked if he was afraid to ride the bus now, T'Ondre said no because it was an unfortunate accident.  But, his mother is a little more hesitant about having her kids on the bus.
Tonyisa Dease-Jones said she's happy her kids came out of this with just cuts and bruises, but she's also devastated to hear the 70-year-old woman in the car that hit the bus had died.

"It's still not right that she died," Dease-Jones said.  "Regardless of whose faults it was -- =that's still somebody's loved one. That's still a family hurting," she tearfully said.

Dease-Jones says the school reached out to her Friday offering counseling services for her kids if they need help.

The 10-year old girl who was in the car during the accident is still in critical condition.  Everyone else hurt in the crash was treated and released.




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