Survival stories of six in aftermath of mass shooting

LAS VEGAS - The Las Vegas Strip shooting has generated so many stories of tragedy, bravery and hope.

Sunday night at the ROUTE 91 Harvest Music Festival was another night of music festivities for victims Jeff Stafford, Sherry and Jeff Coffman.

"The vibe there is always great,” Stafford said.

Ten friends stayed for the last performer and grabbing video of Jason Aldean, prophetically introduced with the song, “In the air tonight.”

"It's a total blast,” Sherry Coffman said.

For Jeff Stafford, the Coffman’s and everyone else there, the good vibes didn't stay that way.

"I said, Jason (Aldean) left the stage. That's when everybody hit the deck," Stafford said. “You could hear shots. A split second later, you could hear a thud like somebody was hitting a pillow with a fist. That was coming from behind us and I knew bullets were hitting people.”

After the first round of shots, the three sheltered each other and ran for their lives in different directions around the festival grounds.

"I got up and out of the corner of my eye, I see this pile of people laying behind me,” Stafford said.

Stafford, his wife and their friends headed towards the Tropicana Hotel when he was shot.

"I was covered in blood,” Stafford said.

Meanwhile, Coffman was pulled by two strangers into a fairground shipping container.

"I dove into the container there were already people in there,” Jeff Coffman said. “Someone had been shot in the leg.”

Sherry Coffman and about 20 people hid while another volley of shots hit the outside. A piece of metal lodged in her ankle while she called a friend.

"I didn't know if I was going to make it out of that container,” Sherry Coffman said. “I just needed to tell her to tell my son, the people that I love that I was thinking about them, basically."

Stafford was at University Medical Center, watching medical staff do amazing things.

"We walk by and there's a guy laying in a pool of blood right at the entrance,” Stafford said. “I hear somebody say we've got to get to him before he codes on the floor."

They all made it through injured, but alive. For all the survivors, it's all still so raw to evem.

Stafford battles the burden of feeling like he could've done more.

"Not a second goes by that I don't think about it,” Stafford said. “Eventually, I'm sure it will."

Sherry Coffman thinks back to those five minutes in the container and the two men who pulled her to safety. Sunday's shooting stemmed from one man, but it created heroes.

"The guys saved my life,” Sherry Coffman added. “I'd just like to know who it is so I can meet him and thank him."

Coffman said she has found one of those men through a Facebook page for survivors.

She's still trying to find the second and knows among other things that he has a beard.

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