Route 91 survivors reconnect after tragic night

Part of the healing from the Oct. 1 shooting has come when people who shared that tragedy reconnect. 

Survivors have used social media to unite with others who made it out alive.

After the shooting, 8 News NOW met one woman who was looking for a stranger who helped save her life. Now, we meet him.

First, 8 News NOW met Sherry Coffman Oct. 6. A few days earlier, she'd survived the Route 91 festival shooting.

"I dove into the container," she said. "There were already people in there. Someone had been shot in the leg..."

Coffman was pulled inside the metal box by a stranger.

"The guy saved my life. I'd just like to know who it is so I can meet him and thank him," Coffman said in an earlier interview with 8 News NOW.

Another survivor took pictures of what it looked like inside the container during the shooting.
Coffman spoke with 8 News NOW because she wanted to find two men who helped keep everyone calm. And she has.

"I was there with my wife," survivor Joe Specht said. 

Coffman connected online with Specht.

"You know you're in a war zone," Specht said. 

As the shooting started, Specht was separated from his wife and his friends. He crawled into the container and took action.

"I wanted to get everybody in as fast as I could. I think there was 25 - 30 people in that container," he said. 

The shots kept coming.

"People would fall on top of each other and protect each other as much as they could."

When the shooting stopped, most of those inside walked out. Three people inside had been shot, but were alive.

Specht wouldn't see his wife for three hours.

"I'm kind of calling us the container survivors," Specht said.

Since the shooting, Specht has reconnected with about half of those who were inside. It's not the only story of survival, or bravery.

Coffman was relieved to find Sprecht.

"We're all alive," Specht said. "We spent some time in a container, through a traumatic experience and, you know, I'm just happy she was able to say thank you to me." 

Specht says, there is another man the group is trying to find, who also helped hold the doors of the container.

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