Suspect faces multiple charges of robbery, burglary, and kidnapping

LAS VEGAS - A 26-year-old suspect is facing 14 charges for a neighborhood crime spree that resulted in the killing of a dog.

Jordan Miller is being charged with six counts of Attempted Robbery; three counts of Burglary while Possession of a Gun; Two counts of Attempted Burglary; One count of Killing and Poisoning Animal of Another and kidnapping.

Miller was arrested on August 4 for multiple crimes that originally started at Circle K Gas Station, according to a Metro Police report. Miller was seen with gun and wandered around for a few minutes before attempting to purchase a lighter and a pack of cigarettes when he didn’t have any money to pay. Miller left the store and returned a short time later pulling a black semi-auto firearm from his waist area and displayed it while the female cashier was behind the register.

Miller left the gas station and was later pulled over by a Metro officer near the intersection of Sahara and Jones. The officer attempted to conduct felony stop by directing Miller out of the vehicle at a Chevron Gas Station, Miller ignored the police commands and fled east bound onto Sahara at a high rate of speed.

Metro Police called off the pursuit after Miller was seen traveling at speeds over 100 MPH.

A short time later before 6 p.m. Metro received a call from a homeowner stating a male suspect, later identified as Miller, walked into her house and put a handgun to her head, which occurred approximately 30 minutes after the incident at the Circle K Gas Station. During the incident, the homeowner says the doorbell rang multiple times from her bedroom with Miller saying the police were "looking for him" and he needed the homeowner’s car keys.

The homeowner refused and yelled at Miller to leave.

According to the arrest report, Miller proceeded to point a small, black, semi-automatic handgun at the homeowners’ head and demanded her car keys. The suspect proceeded to assault the female victim and son during the incident.

Officers arrived in the neighborhood when a homeowner saw Miller running from her neighbor's house. Moments later, the female homeowner heard a gunshot coming from her neighbor's backyard. Police spoke with the homeowner stating he was sleeping when he heard his dog and the other neighbor's dogs barking. He then heard one gunshot coming from outside in his backyard and later observed Miller on his premise.

Police spoke to an additional neighbor who noticed his families black dog was dead in the backyard during the search for Miller.

According to additional details from the arrest report, another homeowner contacted the authorities of a break-in and attempted robbery in her bedroom with the suspect descriptions matching Miller. The homeowner told police the suspects firearm was pointed at additional family members inside the home.

Later in the evening around 9 p.m., a RTC Bµs Driver contacted Metro Police about a fight on the bus while at the intersection of Sahara and Valley View. The driver stated that a black male and black female in a Nissan vehicle pulled in front of the bus preventing it from traveling. The RTC driver stated the Nissan had a broken window with the two individuals boarding the bus and confronted a Hispanic male, later identified as Miller, who just boarded.

The black male and female stated the suspect had just broken into their Nissan and proceeded to beat, strike, and kick the Hispanic male. The two individuals then took an unknown object from the suspect’s pants, exited the bus, and drove away, according to the report.

The suspect also exited the bus and was later found by a Metro officer, Miller provided false identification and the descriptions provided by victims in the earlier events matched to what he was wearing.

It was later discovered that the suspect broke into another home of a 70-year-old sitting in the living room, when she heard a loud noise near her front door.

Miller was apprehended by police and identified by multiple victims in photo lineups for the incidents.

Based on the circumstances and facts provided by witnesses, Metro Police arrested Miller on probable cause for the crimes and was booked him into the Clark County Detention Center.


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