Trump, Clinton claim victory after #VegasDebate

By Patrick Walker , Mark Zamora

Published 10/20 2016 03:13PM

Updated 10/20 2016 08:37PM

It's been 24 hours since the final presidential debate in Las Vegas and the world is still buzzing about it.

One of the biggest topics after the debate was Donald Trump's reluctance to say he would accept whatever the outcome of the election is.

He doubled down Thursday saying he would only accept the results if he wins.

And while election day is still about three weeks away, both sides are claiming victory after Wednesday night's debate.

Ask a surrogate from each side who won the debate in Las Vegas and they'll tell you that of course it's their candidate.

"What's going to be different now? It's going to be the same old promises, and that's what my father has highlighted, that's why he's been so popular with Americans," said Donald Trump Jr.

"Well I think Hillary Clinton came prepared, she knows the issues very well, she looked confident, and she didn't bend to his attacks very much," said Rep. Dina Titus, (D) Nevada.

In a CNN/ORC poll conducted right after the debate, 52 percent of those surveyed who watched the debate say Hillary Clinton won.

Thirty-nine percent scored it for Donald Trump.

North Las Vegas political science professor David Damore says neither candidate did enough to pick up a new block of voters.

"Did she expand it to maybe Republicans on the fence? Probably not, but she doesn't need that at this point, Donald Trump of course needed to make a pitch to undecided voters," he said.

The most heated moments of the debate centered around immigration and possible Russian interference in the election by hackers.

And there were questions about recent allegations of sexual assault against Trump.

"He really got in trouble on the question about the allegations about women against him that have come out since the last debate, trying to blame it all on Hillary Clinton's campaign," Damore said.

Whether or not Clinton's campaign is behind the allegations -- that's the issue that sparked heated debate with the Politics NOW Face Off panel: Annette Magnus, the executive director of Battle Born Progress and Alan Stock, KXNT talk show host.

Annette Magnus: "Why are these women automatically liars, just because they're saying something your candidate doesn't want them to say?" Alan Stock: "Why are the women who made the accusations against Bill Clinton automatically liars?" Annette Magnus: "I don't think they are." Alan Stock: "Well Hillary Clinton says they are!"

As for the answer to who won the debate, that will ultimately be decided by the voters. Early voting begins this weekend.


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