UNLV Police holds drill to train for active shooter situation

LAS VEGAS - A shooting at UNLV last week was a reminder of why police officers are always on alert.  Authorities told 8 News NOW, the shooting on campus happened, just before a scheduled "active shooter" response training session.

 In Thursday's training session, UNLV police officers dressed in full gear before huddling up to plan their strategy to take down a reported gunman hiding on campus.  With their weapons drawn during the drill, officers entered the building in a single file line, keeping a watchful eye of their surroundings.

Once they were inside, they checked each room, one by one.

"These drills all center around the focus of stopping the violence that's occurring as quickly as possible," said Lt. Richard Dome, UNLV Police.

UNLV Police has been conducting this type of training once a year since after 9-11 happened.

"Incidents such as Virgina Tech and Columbine had definitely shown an emphasis for school law enforcement to practice these things," Lt. Dome said.

Thursday's training took place just steps away from where UNLV police put their skills to use during a real-life emergency situation last week.  According to authorities, a road rage incident ended at UNLV with a driver shooting at another car.
The people inside at the time consisted of a UNLV employee and her 11-year-old child, but they were not hurt.

"That incident kind of reiterates exactly the purpose that law enforcement goes through this type of training so that we're able to respond and respond appropriately and effectively in real world environments just like that," said Lt. Dome.

Thursday's training is the first of four scheduled through early August.

During the drill, students were informed, so that they wouldn't  be alarmed of the police activity.


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