UNLV questions NLVPD's actions during recent visit to campus

LAS VEGAS - An alleged training session involving North Las Vegas Police officers was questioned Wednesday. UNLV sent out a community alert about an incident in which North Las Vegas Police officers entered the campus for training without notifying campus police or university leadership.

The letter said in part:

"Last night, after the conclusion of the "I Imagine" poetry event outside the Student Union, sponsored by the UNLV Center for Social Justice, Black Lives Matter UNLV, and Students Organizing Diversity Activities, seven police officers from North Las Vegas entered the UNLV campus on motorcycles and drove around the pedestrian-only area.

The officers entered campus without notifying campus police or university leadership. Understandably, this activity caused concern among students, faculty, and staff."

The Black Lives Matter group at UNLV posted video of the incident on its Facebook page.

The North Las Vegas Police department was asked about the incident, and it said the officers were conducting an unrelated training exercise in the vicinity of UNLV.  But UNLV is concerned with the timing of the alleged training and conduct of the officers and has expressed to the agency that it would like an apology.

Police in North Las Vegas say it was not the intention of officers to offend a group of UNLV students who had gathered for a poetry event.

Seven police officers on motorcycles on Tuesday drove around a pedestrian-only area at the UNLV campus after the conclusion of the event whose sponsors included a chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"You can see them, kind of in a serpentine line if you will, where seven of our officers were down there, a couple of the students and a few other instructors going through these challenging obstacles," said Aaron Patty, North Las Vegas.

Police spokesman officer Aaron Patty says the officers were on campus strictly training to join the department's motorcycle unit. He says the department recognizes it should have communicated with the university ahead of time.

"Had we known that another group would have been down there before we decided to do our training there at the time that they were there, we would have tried to go somewhere else or made arrangements to go there a different day," Patty said.

Patty says the department has an agreement with UNLV that allows officers to train on campus.

"This goes back probably about a decade, that our motorcycle officers have been training to use UNLV campus as one of many locations to train," said Patty. "Moving foward, we will absolutely make it clear that our intent is to go down and train by requesting the times that we would like to be there to train so folks know that we will be there during a certain time."

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