Violent crime numbers up in Las Vegas

By Vanessa Murphy |

Published 07/21 2016 03:46PM

Updated 07/21 2016 09:48PM

Homicides are up by nearly 70 percent across the Las Vegas valley and violent crime overall is up by nearly 20 percent when you compare the numbers this year to last year.

In addition to homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, and assault and batteries are also trending higher.

"The adrenaline that was going on in my body, my heart started fluttering real fast," said William Demick, a cab driver who is describing how he felt when he was attacked and robbed over the weekend.

His fare wanted a ride downtown on Sunday. As he reached the destination, the man grabbed him around the neck from the back seat causing Demick to pass out.

"It worries me that it's going to happen to someone else. Maybe not today, maybe not a week from today, but it will happen," Demick said.

The suspect has not been caught.

"There's no disputing the numbers that there is an increase in violent crime," said Jill Bernacki, who is with the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP).

They have many other cases of the same, violent nature.

This time last year, there were more than 2,900 violent crimes reported. This year, that number's jumped to more than 3,500, according to Metro.

"We're seeing those everyday," Bernacki said.

She is the head of the Trauma Intervention Program which provides support to victims. She says TIPS's 70 volunteers are busy responding to crime scenes.

"We've already had, I want to say, five calls today where we've responded out to someone's home or a place of business that has been deemed as a tragic situation having occurred."

8 News NOW reached out to Metro Police to find what is being done. Metro said it is working to reduce violent crime through the use of neighborhood enforcement teams.



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