Couple charged with hiding daughter's death

LAS VEGAS - The Las Vegas parents of the young girl whose remains was discovered in a garage in Illinois earlier this week are facing charges for hiding her death.

Illinois authorities are charging Jason and Elizabeth Quate with concealment of homicidal death. The announcement was made Friday afternoon by State Attorney Brendan Kelly of St. Clare County.

As of now, the couple is not charged with murder because the coroner has not been able to determine the cause of death. The case is complicated because the young girl has been dead for many years.

Authorities believe Alysha Quate was killed in 2013, when she was 6. Her body was found Tuesday in a garage behind a vacant home in Centreville, Illinois.

Kelly said, the investigation is ongoing and there could be additional charges.

Elizabeth Quate, 35, contacted Las Vegas police on Monday from a women's shelter to report that her husband forced her to work as a prostitute and killed her youngest child and left the body in a garage in Illinois, near the Missouri border.

"I know that the law enforcement that investigated this case is a good example of those days where it can be pretty heavy for them. It can be heavy on their hearts, heavy on their souls. These are dark, disturbing allegations," Kelly said.

Jason Quate, 34, appeared in court in Las Vegas Friday morning on sex trafficking charges. He is also facing separate charges of child abuse and possession of child pornography charges.

Quate is being held without bail.

The couple's two other daughters are in protective custody.



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