Wednesday's Child: Dave Courvoisier's Weekly Adoption Stories in the 4:00 News

Published 07/08 2003 10:10PM

Updated 04/30 2013 10:49AM

Dave Courvoisier hosts one of the most enduring series of stories seen on Las Vegas TV: WEDNESDAY'S CHILD.

Every week Dave reports poignant stories of Las Vegas' disadvantaged children -- children who are often lost in an overloaded child care system, passed around in foster homes, and typically fall behind as priority adoption prospects. More often, now, such children are the victims of parents' methamphetamine habits.

Every Wednesday during Eyewitness News at 4:00 (usually right around 4:55pm) Dave shows children, or sibling sets of children hoping to be adopted, and find a permanent family.

"DCFS and Clark County are struggling to keep up with a burgeoning population of children separated from their natural parents for one reason or another," says Courvoisier. "The case workers take their jobs seriously, and have great compassion for the children for which they're responsible, but the system is often overloaded, and many children slip between the cracks," adds Courvoisier.

"Permanence is the watchword," says the reporter. "Children need to be taken out of a cycle of endless foster care placements, and either returned to their rehabilitated natural parents, or have those ties dissolved, so they can be adopted by parents who truly want to love and care for them."

For the Wednesday's Child reports, Dave will be working closely with local office of The Adoption Exchange, based out of Aurora, Colorado.  Anyone interested in adoption can begin the process by calling the Las Vegas Office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

If you are interested in adoption, or serving as a foster parent to some of Las Vegas' most precious children, please continue to look here for adoption information, links, websites, and news about adoption. We will continue to grow this section of the Channel 8 Eyewitness News website to accompany Dave's weekly reports.

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