Wild Horses Removed from Utah Holding Pen

By Guy DeMarco

Published 04/22 2011 07:27PM

Updated 04/22 2011 11:00PM

SALT LAKE CITY - Wild horse advocates are celebrating the removal of nearly 200 horses from what is described as an abusive situation.

The Cloud Foundation visited a government holding facility in Utah and brought back video evidence of the poor conditions.

Watch the Video (Viewer Discretion Advised)

The horses were penned in an area that was filled knee-deep with mud, manure and urine. Some of the animals were extremely emaciated. One visitor witnessed a small bulldozer moving the horses from pen to pen.

The Cloud Foundation posted the video online and sent a copy to the Bureau of Land Management. The agency responded and admitted the conditions are unacceptable.

Read the Bureau of Land Management's Report

While changes are made, the BLM will move nearly 200 horses to a different facility.

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