Young teen Amiyah exudes confidence

By Dave Courvoisier |

Published 12/08 2016 09:32PM

Updated 12/08 2016 09:38PM

This week's Wednesday's Child agreed to give ice-skating a try, even though she'd never been on the ice before. But just like the positive person she is, Amiyah made it look easy. now, all we have to do is make it easy for her to be adopted. Dave Courvoisier reports.

As Amiyah got her skates on, I realized it had been about a year since we had last met at U-Swirl... she was 12 at the time, and I was impressed back then with her confidence and poise... especially knowing she's been in foster care since the age of two.

And now, as a teenager, still proud of the way she has risen above the circumstance of being in foster care...over 20 different placements. but it's made her strong.

“I have learned that life is life and there's no need to sit around and be sad all the time plus I miss out on a lot of things when I am like that,” says Amiyah confidently.

“She's really unique in that sense to which is something I really admire about her because she's not your typical teenager. she's… really driven, she's really passionate, and really focused,” says Jessica, who runs the local Adoption Exchange office.

Amiyah doesn't sit still for very long. she's into track...English & Math... and is an accomplished musician.

“I play the violin. I've been doing that for four years,” says Amiyah.

Out on the ice, Amiyah quickly graduated from hanging for support, to scooting along on her own quite nicely.

“I thought it was going to be very hard. it was hard but it was also fun,” states Amiyah.

Amiyah still very much wants an adoptive family to call her own. everyone agrees she deserves that for all she's been through.

“She deserves a family who will see how lucky they are to have her in their life. which I believe is out there and it's unfortunately taking a little bit longer than I think we'd all like but I really believe that when she's matched with that right family they will be as lucky to have her as she is to have them,” adds Jessica.

Amiyah is free and clear for adoption. We just need some giving family to step up and start the process. You? Call the Adoption Exchange at 702-436-6335 to get started.

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