Extreme heat takes toll on vehicles

LAS VEGAS - The Las Vegas valley broke a heat record Wednesday.  The temperatures reached 114 degrees!   

In addition to affecting your health, and your pet's health, the extreme heat can also take a toll on tangible items such as your car.  However, you may not realize it until it's too late.

Experts say drivers need to take the proper precautions to prevent engines from overheating, batteries from failing, and tires from blowing.  Whether it's monitoring your tire pressure, testing your battery or checking your fluids, the best way to prevent any of the previously mentioned issues from happening is by taking care of your car.

No stranger to the heat and the harshness it can cause, James Rubbico, the owner of Tri-State Towing & Recovery on Desert Inn Road is very familiar with towing vehicles that have broken down during the summer months.

Extremely hot days are good for Rubbico's business.

"This is a 24-hour town, so they come 24/7; fortunately," Rubbico said.

Sometimes, when the season is busy, waiting for a tow after a break down can leave a motorist stranded for three to four hours.

When 8 News NOW Reporter Shakala Alvaranga interviewed Rubbico one hot Las Vegas day, he told her his business had already received nine heat-related calls, and it was just mid-afternoon.

"When it gets like this three or four days in a row, you need everybody; every hand that you can get," Rubbico said.  "I've pulled up on people with heart attacks; people with asthma."

According to Rubbico, when health issues play a factor in a tow call, he and his team try their best to go faster than they would normally go.

"You just want to make it go as fast as you can for both parties; for health reasons," Rubbico said.

There aren't a lot of people who know how to check the safety of their own tires, but here's a cheap trick: Stop by any Discount Tire in your neighborhood and get those tires checked for free.

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