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Recycled Green Gifts for the Holidays

Looking for thoughtful green gift ideas? Here are a few places you can shop:

Mr. Ellie Pooh

People & Planet winner Mr. Ellie Pooh(m) produces 100-percent recycled paper products made from 50 percent post-consumer waste paper and 50 percent fiber reclaimed from elephant dung. Since an elephant's diet is all vegetarian, the staggering 500 pounds of waste per day produced by the average elephant is basically raw cellulose, all of which can be cleaned (It doesn't smell!) and processed into a linen-like paper.

lur apparel

Lur apparel uses cotton scraps it collects from commercial apparel and textile factories, and the post-consumer plastic bottles it recycles into polyester to produce the cotton-poly fabrics of the company's tunics, dresses, and outerwear. It even recycles the scraps from its own production processes, making them into one of lur apparel's signature products--the Aphrodite Rope Scarf.

Bag The Habit

Not only are Bag the Habit's fabric bags meant to reduce waste by replacing single-use shopping bags, but the bags themselves are made from 100-percent recycled material--plastic bottles and manufacturing scraps.


People & Planet finalist Recyclebank, headquartered in New York City, runs a "rewards for recycling" program that partners with communities and brands and has boosted recycling rates in 300 communities across the US. Through the program, people earn points when they recycle, and they can trade those points for discounts from local and national retailers. If your community doesn't offer a Recyclebank recycling program, you can still earn points through interactive features on


People & Planet finalist Temperpack has developed a patent-pending plant-fiber insulation designed for e-commerce companies that ship food. The company's "Jutebox" is made from 100-percent recycled jute plant fiber derived from burlap sacks used to transport coffee and cocoa beans, and can be composted with any other yard or food waste after use.

RocknSocks(m)is proud to be the first made-in-the-USA sock company that repurposes cotton scraps from textile manufacturing to make its products. The company offers an entirely recycled line of socks for men and women.

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