3 arrested for human trafficking of 18-year-old Las Vegas woman

LAS VEGAS - Three people were arrested for being connected to the human sex trafficking of an 18-year-old Las Vegas woman.

Metro Police said 25-year-old Darryle Alston, 18-year-old Nicole Judge, and 18-year-old Zakeria Arredondo were arrested on Feb. 10. Officers said they were called to a hotel to investigate a report of possible sex trafficking.

When police arrived, they spoke with a woman who said that Alston was forcing her to work as a prostitute.

According to the arrest report, the teen first met Alston on Tuesday, Feb. 7 while she and a friend were shopping at a mall on the Las Vegas Strip.

The two exchanged numbers and continued to communicate with one another. The report said, Alston told her that he wrote songs for famous rappers. The victim said she agreed to meet up with Alston and he picked her up at her home at 4 a.m.

The two went back to his hotel and had consensual sex, the report said. 

When Alston drove the teen home, he told her he could give her the life she always dreamed of having. She told police, she thought about the money she could make and how it could help her family. Later that day, Alston returned to the 18-year-old's home to pick her up again.

This time he took her to a different hotel where the two engaged in consensual sex. Alston also told the woman he managed escorts and that was how he received all of his money, the report said.

The woman told police if she had known Alston was a pimp, she would have never gone anywhere with him.

Alston would not take the woman home, despite her pleas. .

A short while later, two women, Judge and Arrendondo, walked into the room, and Alston told the 18-year-old that she was going to go out with them and work for him that night. The report said the woman feared for her safety, so she agreed to go out with the other women.

After several hours of walking on the Las Vegas Strip, the victim said she asked Judge to take her back to the hotel because she didn't feel comfortable working as a prostitute. Judge called Alston, and he allowed her to return to the hotel.

When she arrived back at the hotel, the woman told police, she had sex with Alston once again out of fear for her safety.

The report said, on Thursday, Feb. 9, she received numerous calls and text messages from family members telling her to return home. She said Alston told her not to respond, but there was a point when she was able to send a message to her ex-boyfriend. 

The report said she told, him that she was in a bad situation and needed help, but Alston called the ex-boyfriend and told him that the woman belonged to him now.

Alston made her go out again and work as a prostitute that night, and she made $200 by having sex with a man.

The woman said when she woke up on Friday afternoon, Alston asked her if she wanted to go to the gym with him and another woman, but she didn't go.  She said, when they left the room, she used that as her opportunity to escape. The report said she gathered her belongings and ran looking for security.

Metro Police were called, and a search warrant was issued for the room. During the search of the room, detectives found $4,894 in Arredondo's purse. Arredondo said it belonged to her.

Alston, Judge, and Arredondo were taken into custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.  However, during the pre-booking search, officers said they found $1,297 in Alston's pants pockets, $4,000 in Arredondo's bra and $7,651 hidden inside a condom and in her vagina. The report said, $16,000 was also found inside of Judge's vagina.

When the women were asked about the money, the report said they claimed it wasn't theirs, and that they didn't know how it got inside of them.

Alston was arrested for sex trafficking of an adult and possession of a stolen vehicle.  Arredondo and Judge were each charged with one count of sex trafficking.


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