5 years later: Forgotten among the headlines, family remembers ‘good Samaritan’ Joseph Wilcox


Saturday will mark five years since Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo were gunned down while on their lunch break at CiCi’s Pizza.

But, the two officers weren’t the only ones who tragically lost their lives that day.

Inside of a nearby Walmart, 31-year-old Joseph Wilcox confronted one of the gunman. His name seemed to be forgotten among the headlines. But, for Wilcox’ family it was their worst nightmare.

“I don’t understand why Joseph hasn’t come home and it’s just a never ending pain. It doesn’t stop,” said Debra Wilcox. 

Wilcox pulled out his handgun to stop the gunman. But, he was shot by the suspect’s wife. 

“He wanted to help. So, it doesn’t really shock me that he rushed in and tried to help people,” said C.J. Foster, Joseph’s sister. “I don’t think I had ever been that angry in my entire life. But, I was very angry. I was scared that day and I was angry.”

Investigators said Joseph Wilcox didn’t even know that the suspect’s just shot two Metro Police officers at a nearby pizza joint.

“I actually don’t remember thinking anything. I just went limp. What am I supposed to do now?” said Debra Wilcox.

Debra planted a rose bush in her son’s memory at her home. It’s called Joseph’s tree.

“If I don’t talk about him in the present tense, and if I use the “D” word, if I do any of that…. I got to keep looking out and I got to keep waiting for him to come home. Otherwise I won’t make it,” she said.

Wilcox wanted to be a police officer one day. A Metro honor guard performed at his funeral. 

The man and woman responsible were killed after a police standoff inside of the Walmart. 

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