Another car ends up in lake at Desert Shores

LAS VEGAS - Two people were rescued after their car veers off the road and crashed into a lake. While no one was injured, it does raise some questions about safety concerns.

The crash happened at Desert Shores just before midnight Tuesday near Breakwater Drive and Port of Call Drive.

This is the second time something like this has happened in recent months.

Ashley Moore lives close by and says Tuesday night's crash was unlike anything she's seen before. 

"From my back patio, we walked out there and there were 15 vehicles here."

A similar incident happened in the Desert Shores community in February when a car crashed into another lake, killing a young man.

Then later that month, a truck smashed into a Desert Shores restaurant. In both those cases, police say, drivers were impaired.

But Moore says there's another issue here.

"The speed that these people are going through here, especially the ones that are using it as a bypass, not the ones that live here," she said.

One resident said she would like to use radar to catch speeders. She believes it would send a message to all drivers.

But Lisa Hunt who walks her dog by this lake everyday says more concrete measures need to be taken.

"Maybe gating the community, because it's a beautiful place to live, you know, we don't want any barriers to our lakes or anything, but maybe the homeowner's association can look into it."

"Maybe a fence or some kind of guard around the side," said Tammera Green, a resident.

Moore can see the benefit of a barrier but also sees a major issue.

"It would have just caused more damage probably to the people because of the impact, keeping them in the car, this way, at least they survived."

The general manager of the Desert Shores Community Association didn't have any comment at this time about a new policy or plans for any changes.


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