CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A woman's car is torched by arson suspect

LAS VEGAS - A woman's car was set on fire Friday evening outside of Lucky's Lounge near Farm Rd. and Cimarron Rd.

"Four people walk by the car, one walk back, leave the three people standing out in the parking lot, light something and throw it into the car," said Kym Booke. 

The surveillance video is grainy and it's hard to make out who they are, but it did help Booke piece together what happened to her car. 

"Nobody knew what had started the fire. The car was in great condition, very low mileage so I didn't believe it was an electrical fire or anything."

Booke was inside of Lucky's Lounge having a drink with her brother when they saw the fire outside. 

"I was in the bar for about 30 minutes and we noticed through the windows that the car was on fire and flames were shooting up all from the interior," said Booke. 

A day later, there are still signs of the blaze in the parking lot. Booke's car is now totaled. 

"Just to be malicious when kids are out walking at 5 o'clock in the evening, not even midnight. It wasn't parked on the side. It was right in front of everything, just to be malicious and light it on fire, is unconscionable and scary."

It's unclear what the person threw at the car. 

"This is not funny. This is not just something you play with. This is dangerous. You could have hurt a lot of people. You're just lucky you didn't," she said. 

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