Dad and son celebrate Father's Day as police officers

LAS VEGAS - They walk the same, they talk the same, and they even bust criminals the same. Kevin and Sean Emry are a lot alike, especially when it comes to their careers.

And when it comes to Father’s Day, Kevin says the best gift of all is the chance to work with his son to protect and serve on the North Las Vegas Police Department.

"You know it's really weird. One minute you're changing your son’s diapers, and the next minute you're going in and searching houses and catching bad guys," said Officer Kevin Emry, father. 

The elder Officer Emry has worked for NLVPD for more than 20 years, and Sean is still a rookie with just two years on the force.

They're both in the same squad, and as you can imagine, dad is extremely proud to have his son backing him up.

"To be able to see him tackle the bad guy and me kind of hitting the bad guy and handcuffing the bad guy and taking the bad guy together as father and son I thought that was pretty awesome," Kevin said.

At first, Sean wanted to be a firefighter, but after a ride along with police, he knew he had found his calling.

"It's awesome. It's amazing. I wouldn't change it for anything," Sean said. 

Kevin was there to congratulate Sean when he graduated from the academy, and now he's there when responding to emergency calls.

"It's like take your son to work day, only it seems like he's taking me every day to work with him," Kevin said. 

Sean says his father is like a walking encyclopedia he can turn to out on the streets. He's also grateful for his dad's sacrifices growing up.

"I probably don't tell him enough how appreciative I am of him and what he did for our family and what he's done and what he continues to do on a daily basis," Sean said. 

While Kevin isn’t one to talk about himself, he makes a point to teach the younger generation of officers, like his son, about how to stay safe and protect the community.

"You gain as time goes on, but you need to share it with the younger guys as your time starts to go by," Kevin said. 

This Father's Day, Kevin remembers the man who made him the man he is today.

"His grandfather, unfortunately, passed just before he could graduate but I know if he was around he would be extremely proud of his grandson because I know he was of me," Kevin said. 

Officer Kevin Emry is no doubt proud of his son.

Both Kevin and Sean say they’re spending Father's Day hanging out at home with the rest of the family.

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