Del Sol Presents "The Addams Family" in "What's Cool at School"

LAS VEGAS - The creepy, kooky, spooky Addams Family is back, on stage, at Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts.

The Theatre Department at Del Sol had been dormant for six years, but it's been back since 2016, and it is thriving! 

The theatrical presentation of "The Addams Family" was April 20-21, 27-28 - but the road there was consistent rehearsals since February, led by Theatre Teacher, Mr. Timothy Beringer.

Students raved about his leadership and guidance. Dio Raquel Jr. who played Gomez Addams in the production, said, "Mr. Beringer, our Theatre teacher really strives with every single student to analyze anything that's in front of you  - a script, a song."

But, Mr. Beringer passed the praise right back to the cast, replying "It's them. It really is them....I just see myself as a facilitator for them to bring out what they naturally can do." 

So, we all know....they're creepy and they're kooky, and on and on.....but there is an actual process to bringing these characters to life.

Taylor Monize-Lish, who played Wednesday Addams said, "It's more learning about her and focusing on what she would do in certain situations."

Presley Forbes Weir, the student-actor who took on Uncle Fester weighed in: "I took little bits and pieces from all the Festers throughout all the performances people have done, and tried to emulate little bits and pieces here and there."

The dance-heavy show was genuinely well-received, with a standing ovation from the exuberant crowd!

For some, the passion for performance does not end here....

I asked Joella Marshall, the Del Sol student behind Morticia Addams if she sees acting in her future...."Oooohhh....heck yeah!" she quickly replied!

And, that is "What's Cool at School."

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