Fuel Truck to make filling up easier

LAS VEGAS - A local company is making filling up your car less of a chore.

Joey Castruita knows the pain of pumping gas. His wife hates filling up, so he does it for her.

“I just wanted to go home, but she needed gas. She sat comfortable in her vehicle and  I was the one outside pumping the gas,” Castruita said.

That’s when he got the idea for the Fuel Truck.

“It's for the person who doesn’t want to load up three cars to go run errands and put gas. It's for the person who can't make it to the gas station because they have to run to an appointment,” Castruita said.

In 2016, Castruita quit his career and started the first mobile fueling company in Las Vegas.

“I'm the one out here. Loading up, unloading,” Castruita said.

His days start as early as 4:00 a.m. He goes from businesses to high-rises and other homes, filling up vehicles with gas and diesel.

Fuel truck operates seven days a week.

There's a delivery fee plus the cost of gas, which Castruita says is on par with regular gas prices. There's even a membership option where you'll get a weekly delivery.

“It's pretty easy. You don't even have to be there,” Castruita said.

Castruita now wants to grow its roots in the valley, and maybe think of expanding.

“We're not looking to eliminate all the need for a gas station because I don't think that'll ever happen but we have a sector in the market that we want to go after and that's what we're doing,” Castruita said.

If you’d like to learn more, you can click here to visit the Fuel Truck website.

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