Havasupai Canyon closed due to flooding

LAS VEGAS - Havasupai Canyon and Falls is closed to visitors following flash flooding in the area, according to Abbie Fink with HMA Public Relations.

About 7 feet of floodwaters hit the area shortly before dark on Wednesday, July 11. The campgrounds had to be evacuated. Many of the campers evacuated without their backpacks and did not have extra clothes or money. They were taken to a community building where they were given food and supplies by the tribe. None of the 200 tourists in the area were reported missing.

The village was not in the path of the floodwaters, but several buildings were damaged due to rain.

The Havasupai Tribal Council has closed the canyon to visitors for seven to 10 days. Indian Route 18 is closed until further notice.

Tourists with confirmed reservations in the coming weeks should contact their travel advisor for more information. Do not contact the Tribal Tourist Office, at this time. All phone lines are being used for emergency services. 


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