Historic Boulder City Hospital to be demolished for new homes


What some see as a historic landmark, others see as an opportunity.

A developer is purchasing the former Boulder City Hospital with a plan to demolish the building and build 10 to 12 new homes on the site. He expects to close escrow on the 83-year-old landmark by August.

Even though it appears to be a done deal, some people are still trying to sway him in hopes of preserving history.

To the naked eye, the old Boulder City Hospital looks like an abandoned building. However, to preservationist, Christina Frausto, it’s rich in history and has a breathtaking view of Lake Mead.

“If we have no historic structures worthy of stopping to see, we may lose a lot of tourists,” said Christina Frausto, Historic Preservation Committee.

The hospital was built in 1932 for the Hoover Dam workers.

Over the years, it has changed hands and became a retreat. There was even a failed attempt to turn it into a church.

“It had been vandalized, it had been vacant, therefore it was boarded up,” Frausto said.

That was until Boulder City developer Randolph Peter Schams stepped in with — the one thing needed for change — money.

“We’re going to try to demolish this as slowly as possible and preserve as much of the history as we can,” Schams said.

He plans to reuse some of the original tile, bricks and roofing in the homes he builds. He wants to give the homes a historic feel.

Schams’ mind isn’t likely to change unless someone can buy back the building.

“If somebody is willing to come buy this building and put the money back into it, I’d be more than receptive to do that.”

Some Boulder City residents are embracing the plan for new homes.

“I think that’d be very nice,” said Ray Roberts. “It’s a eyesore right now and it draws kind of the negative environment to this neighborhood.”

Frausto says there’s a slim possibility the area could lose it’s historic status if it continues to lose historic properties.

A major selling point of the new development is expected to be the great view of Lake Mead.

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