Homeowners in southeast valley searching for digital doorbell thief


Residents in the southeast valley told 8 News Now they’re pretty uneasy after a string of surveillance system thefts. 

Mindi and David Ferrari shared their story after someone snatched their “Ring” doorbell system off their front porch a few weeks ago, near Tropicana and Eastern avenues.

“It’s nerve wracking,” Mindi Ferrari said of the incident. “It puts you in a panic. The guy just walks right up, unscrews it, yank, and takes off.”

As the couple recalled the recent crime, they said theirs is just the latest of at least 20 security systems reported stolen in the area. 

“I think oh this is a closed neighborhood, it’s not going to happen here,” David added. “And then low and behold it happens here. I feel exposed like a nerve, and it’s just not fun.”

The Ferrari’s hope their efforts to share the suspect’s face and share their story will help bring him to justice before this happens to anyone else. 

“I want his picture seen,” Mindi said. “I want neighbors to be aware.” You’re going down, you messed with the wrong house.”

“We’re gonna get you,” David said. “And we’re going to get you pretty soon here.”

The couple has filed a police report and secured their new “Ring” doorbell with concrete to prevent this from happening again. 

However, the couple still wants to encourage everyone to report thefts like this, so police can catch the perpetrator. 

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