I-Team: Shakeup at DFS; acting director demoted

LAS Vegas - There's a shakeup at the Department of Family Services in Clark County.  The I-Team learned the woman who was the acting director of DFS was recently demoted to assistant director. And while the agency searches for a new director, the assistant county manager is in charge.

While multiple people at the county characterized the move to the I-Team as a demotion, a county spokesman insisted it wasn't.

The trial for Janet Solander, a woman accused of torturing her adoptive children, is bringing problems inside DFS to light.  Throughout Solander's trial over the last couple of weeks, the I-Team has learned workers were failing at their job when it came to keeping children safe.

Solander faces 46 charges related to child abuse and neglect. She's accused of torturing three girls she adopted for the two and a half years she had them.

During that time, multiple complaints from people concerned about the children's wellbeing were made to DFS about Solander and her husband.  However, more foster children were placed inside the Solander home.

During the trial so far, it was revealed that DFS workers weren't reviewing notes to check family histories.

Christopher Hamner, prosecutor: "Has there been any explanation from the higher-ups as to why you wouldn't review notes like that before taking over a case?"
Aya Orenick, Dept. of Family Services: "No explanation or no instruction to do so or not to do so."

Also in court Tuesday, a prosecutor said that DFS workers' supervisor was called to testify, but wasn't cooperating. The solution since she said she was recuperating from knee surgery: Testimony via Skype.



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