I-Team: Dir. of Southern Nev. FBI told team not to rush 1 October report, but to be thorough

LAS VEGAS - Metro Police's final report on the 1 October shooting will not be the last report from law enforcement. The FBI is expected to release its final findings sometime later this year.

The head of the FBI in Nevada, Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, agreed to speak on camera exclusively with 8 News NOW, and he said he has no doubt gunman Stephen Paddock acted alone.

The FBI's report is expected to sort of getting inside Paddock's mind, at least that's what investigators are trying to do to help determine a motive.  But it's not clear if the FBI has been successful in doing just that.

Rouse said their Behavioral Analysis Unit put together a team including outside experts such as forensic psychologists who are not part of the FBI.

Special Rouse said he told his team not to rush the report, but to instead focus instead on being thorough and then wording the report in a way people will understand to help answer questions.

The team is looking at all of the evidence, information about Stephen Paddock, his family, and more.

"To try to figure out the big question on everyone's mind; why," Rouse said. "We want to know that as much as everyone else and I think at the end of the day if we can get this report completed it will come as close as possible without actually talking to the subject."

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: "So kind of know why? 
Rouse: "Kind of knowing why." 

Rouse says he looks at Metro Police as a law enforcement partner, so they share information.

The FBI's report is not a critical look at Metro, but again rather more on figuring out what was behind the mass shooting.

Rouse also says the law enforcement community is looking at the response during 1 October; what they could have done better, what they need to plan for and how to prevent a crisis like this from happening again.

When Rouse was asked which areas could be improved, he did not want to get into specifics.

However, he did say the FBI meets with major casinos and hotels regularly to talk about improving security and Metro is involved in that as well.

Rouse says the FBI's report likely will not be ready by the 1 October one year anniversary, but he expects it to be prepared by the end of the year.


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