I-Team Exclusive: Man charged with having explosives speaks about case

LAS VEGAS - A man who faces at least 30 charges in connection with what police call explosives is giving his side of the story.

The allegations in Michael Diosdado's arrest report are concerning: A man found with explosives and dangerous chemicals that leading police to a crime ring.

But talk to Diosdado, the man at the center of the investigation and he'll tell you he struggles with drug abuse, made some bad decisions, and likes to make fireworks.

"I'm very concerned because they're making me out to be some kind of terrorist which I'm not even close to that. I'm just, would never hurt anybody," Diosdado said.

He is giving his side of the story from a Clark County jail. The 46-year-old faces numerous felony charges after his Dec. 19 arrest.

According to Metro Police, he was walking around with explosive devices in his backpack. Diosdado calls them fireworks.

"Some of them I had bought on a reservation. Some I made myself," he said.

Reporter Vanessa Murphy: "Ok, and how do you know how to make them?"

Michael Diosdado: "How do I know how to make them? The Internet. I was gonna light them for 4th of July, not 4th of July, for New Year's Eve."

But that never happened.

According to his arrest report, the investigation expanded and Metro Police went to Diosdados' home near Lone Mountain and Jones roads with a search warrant. Investigators say they found more explosive materials and chemicals along with a financial forgery lab.

Several others also associated with the home were arrested.

"I know they found other stuff that was there, but none of that, I don't do any of that forgery, either fraud, forgery, I'm not into that."

What Diosdado does admit to is a passion for pyrotechnics.

"I would never ever use it in any way to harm anyone or cause any kind of destruction or damage to anything, anybody's property or anything like that," he said.

The father of three says he's worked as an electrician on the Las Vegas Strip as recent as a few months ago.

The three-time convicted felon says he's struggled with a drug problem for years and had been using methamphetamine and heroin at the time of this arrest.

"I can see things a lot better now that I'm off the drugs. It's just seeing what kind of mess I got myself into."

Diosdado admits he broke the law and will likely spend time in prison but he insists he's no terrorist.
So does his daughter who created a GoFundMe page for his defense.

"I hope I can see my kids someday. I hope it's not too long."

Diosdado's next court date is Jan. 9.

He tells the I-Team he has been cooperating with police but he feels like that may have landed him even more charges.


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