Kids sell lemonade to raise money for cancer research

LAS VEGAS - New discoveries are giving kids with cancer a fighting chance. 

This weekend some Las Vegas families teamed up to sell lemonade at Sunset Park to raise money for more medical research.

The theme of Alex’s Lemonade Stand this year was superheroes. 

"It's important to help out because there's so many kids that you don't realize, that when you lose them, you don't realize how much you actually need them," said Ayvah Louviere, volunteer. 

Sadly, 10-year-old Ayvah has already felt the impact of cancer when she lost her two-year-old brother Brady to the disease last year.

"He was really silly, and he was also very crazy and he's always jumping up and down and he wanted to make people laugh and smile," Ayvah said.

In Brady's memory, she's pushing forward to help raise money for research that could help other children.

"All these kids, they're going through something that you couldn't really say that you know what it's like," Ayvah said.  

The adults can appreciate the love these kids are pouring into every cup.    

"Really seeing kids get involved at such a young age. I really hope that they continue with this, and it drives them, and they continue to do this throughout their entire lives because we're only as strong as our community is,” said Jason Rinta, attendee.

Every donation, big or small, gives researchers the chance to change the lives of children with cancer.

"New treatments, it's very hard to find, there's not many cures we can help out with so it's good to help out because you never know what could happen," Ayvah said.  

Since 2014, this event has raised almost $18,000 for Alex's Lemonade Stand.

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