Las Vegas firefighters talk potential for increased electrical fires

Firefighters are warning Las Vegas residents about the potential for more electrical-related fires due to rain. 

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue says a slight drizzle is all it takes for electrical fires to rise across the Las Vegas valley. 

"That’s because it’s so hot here in the desert it dries out the wiring inside walls, inside signs, inside walls, and they start to get cracks and then rainwater seeps in and it goes in there and it shorts it out," said Las Vegas Fire & Rescue' Tim Szymanski. 

Szymanski says the threat is much higher during or after prolonged periods of excessive heat. 

"A lot of it has to do with the desert heat here in the southwest most of it is air conditioning units." 

So what is the number one cause of electrical fires? Here's a hint – it's something we do in the kitchen every day. 

"Don’t ever throw water on a grease fire it’ll splash right back on you as steam and cause burns extreme enough that you’ll have to go to the burn unit," said Szymanski. 

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