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Alleged underage victim changes story against pimp; possibly victimized more than initially claimed

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New information in the case against an already convicted pimp who’s in trouble yer again has surfaced.  The 8 News NOW I-Team has been following this story closely since 2016.

More was revealed about an alleged sex trafficking ring involving teenage girls.  Prosecutors say William Hoard was the man in charge of the ring.

Court transcripts reveal how one of the girls changed her story, indicating that she may have been victimized more than she initially claimed.

An underaged teenaged girl claims she had sex with six different people in one night on the Las Vegas Strip and in at least one Clark County man’s home.  She earned $700 after she split the money with her pimp.

Vanessa Murphy, Reporter: “Are you a pimp?”
William Hoard in a 2016 interview: “Nah, I’m not a pimp.”

The I-Team interviewed him when he was in jail. He had just been arrested for sex trafficking teen girls from Green Valley High School. 

“The truth is I’m in here for no reason,” Hoard said. “For a lie.”

He agreed to plead guilty to pandering or pimping, avoided prison time, and was given probation.  Two years later, he was accused of pimping underage girls again after recruiting them on Snapchat.

Judge: “You understand the charges?”
Hoard: “Yes, your honor.”

That interaction with the judge was in August after detectives say a group of underage girls, one as young as 15, told them they would perform trick rolls, fooling a man into buying sex, but then they would take his money and run, while Hoard was in charge.

But according to transcripts recently obtained by the I-Team, one of the alleged victims admitted lying to police then, and revealed she did perform sexual acts.  Also mentioned in the court documents was one man who was described as an Australian tourist by two of the girls.

They say they met him at the Cosmopolitan, he agreed to pay four hundred dollars to take them up to his room, but they took the cash and ran.

Later, the girls and two other girls were arrested by undercover officers at the MGM.

According to one of the girls, they obviously looked underage, and it was 3 a.m.

Hoard’s probation from his first case was revoked, and again, the 25-year-old man is facing life in prison if convicted of sex trafficking.

The I-Team requested an interview with Hoard again while he’s locked up at the Clark County Detention Center, but he declined.

The question now is will he claim police made up this case against him as well?

“It’s just fabricated,” Hoard said in a 2016 interview with the I-Team. “I don’t believe in it, so you know I’m positive that I’ll be out real soon.

Vanessa Murphy, Reporter: “Okay, so you’re not sorry for anything?”
Hoard: “I didn’t do it, so there’s nothing to be sorry about.” 

A jury trial has been set for Feb. 19th.

Hoard is charged with sex trafficking of a minor, child abuse, kidnapping, and more.

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